Monday, April 9, 2012

Tray Cleaner 2.0

Tray cleaner 2.0 is a simple and utility to clean past items from the system tray (notification area) of Windows 7/XP.
The application is very simple, when it starts, the program is opening the registry and checks for past items (items that are registered but doesn't exist anymore) and for the OS version, because the tray information is located on different registry keys for Win XP and Win 7.
If Tray Cleaner doesn't find any past items, the "Clean" button (top button) will be disabled and messages will popup updating that there no past items.
If Tray Cleaner will find on startup that past items exists, the "Clean" button will be enabled.
A click on "Clean" button will first force create a "Backup" folder inside the Tray Cleaner folder, end will export the relevant registry keys into a reg file so you can rollback immediately by using this reg file.
Now Tray Cleaner will delete the past items from the registry, and the "Clean" button will change to disabled.
This program is also compressed with UPX to achieve a small file size.
Tray Cleaner is a portable application, after you installed it once, you can copy the executable file into other PC or USB drive and run it without any installation.

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