Sunday, April 8, 2012

QRSimple 1.0

QRSimple is a utility to generate QR code from any text.
This utility is actually a GUI client for the Google Charts service, which means you must have internet access to use it.
The source code is very simple, the program is collecting the different parameters entered by the user (text, image size, margins, error handling and encoding) and it format this inputs into a string.
The string is sent as an http get command to the Google Charts engine and uses the reply from Google to display the QR image.
The QR image can be saved locally as a PNG image or copy it into the clipboard.
There are no other settings or changes to the system components.
After the first installation, the program executable is portable and can be copied and executed from a different PC or a USB drive without the need for installation.
QRSimple is also compressed with UPX to achieve a small file size.

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