Tuesday, March 20, 2012

7 Quick Fix 2.0

This tool is basically a collection of system quick fixes and tweaks that can be found over the net.
7QF is executing those fixes programmatically.
Each fix can be one or a combination of some of the following categories:
- Registry modifications
- ini files modifications
- re-registering a system component
- stop and start a service
- removing a file

When executing the program, it just showing the interface and doesn't do any checking (except if the OS is 32 or 64 bit), and no modification or scanning, this simple startup was made to achieve a simple and fast form display even if your computer is very slow or problematic.

When your mouse cursor enters a button, the information for this button fix is displayed at the bottom memo component, when the mouse cursor is moving out of the button area, the general utility information is displayed.

The form is divided to tabs and you can move between the tabs by clicking on the different tools icons.

When you click on any of the fix buttons, the following process start:

-          Get the location of the executable file (the location where QF.exe is running from) and check if there is a \Backup folder, if not, force create it.
-          Under the backup folder, force the creation of a new folder named as the selected fix (unless this folder already exists).
-          Now we create the restore files inside the \Backup\FixName folder.
-          If the fix is going to be a registry modification then 7QF will export the relevant registry keys into the \FixName folder. 
-          If the fix will include adding keys and values that should not be there by default, 7QF will edit the exported reg file so applying the reg file will also remove the relevant extra keys and values.
-          If the fix is going to modify ini file, the original file will be copied to the \FixName folder.
-          If the fix is going to re-register a component or stop and start a service then 7QF will create inside the\FixName folder a batch file for reversing the fix.
-          If the restore process is not straight forward then 7QF will add to the \FixName folder a readme.txt file containing the restore instructions.

Now after we have a backup, 7QF will execute the fixes which can do several things:
-          Restore the default settings by editing the registry and ini files.
-          Add keys or values to the registry (mostly tweaks).
-          Re-register a dll.
-          Stop and start a service.
Or any needed combination of those options.
Some fixes involves a single modification and some must do several changes to the registry, ini files and more, all the fixes are known fixes that can be done manually, but 7QF is doing it simple, fast and safe.
For each modification, 7QF is running validations to prevent crashes for example before deleting an object we first check if it exists where it should be, etc.
The executable file is portable (after you extract it from the install package) which means you can copy and run it from a USB drive or on a different PC.
This executable file is also compressed with UPX to achieve a small file size.

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